10 Tools You Need to Start Baking this year

Most people start the New Year with setting goals and making resolutions. So if baking is one of your goals for 2018, then this post is for you :). Buying equipments can be expensive so, I have tried to provide links for good, but reasonably priced beginner baking tools. You may also decide to buy [...]


The Journey So Far

I have spent the last weeks of this year on with my loved ones and reflecting on the past year. Started my blogging journey in June 2017 - It has been an exciting and challenging journey, particularly balancing the need to be consistent with my work commitments, family and exams. There were times I thought about giving [...]

When brownies crumble, Make a Trifle

When brownies crumble, Make a Trifle

This is for the people  who have made mistakes with recipes - you might have followed the recipe but something just didn't work out right? I feel yah. This is an encouragement to you...don't give up and keep trying. As Aaliyah says in her song "If at first you dont succeed........dust yourself off and try [...]