Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait

Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians. Trust you are all enjoying this beautiful  day. Concluding with my ode to Nigeria (see previous post: Nigeria Puff Puff ) with a dessert I am calling Ogi Parfait (O'Parfait for short) Ogi (Pap) is a Nigerian breakfast cereal which is made from corn. While Parfait (means 'Perfect' in French) … Continue reading Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait

Quick and Easy Puff Puff

Hello and Goodbye September, If you have been following on Instagram, you will know that I have been busy with some professional exams for my job. Hence why I was MIA through out this month. I passed my exam last Thursday, in time for the 57th Nigerian Independence celebration. Reminiscing about my childhood in Lagos, … Continue reading Quick and Easy Puff Puff

Easy 4th of July Desserts

Happy Independence day to our friends across the Atlantic !!! These patriotic treats are perfect for your 4th of July preparations, and they are extremely easy. BERRY POP Ingredients 1cup. Strawberries 3 tablespoons sugar 1 1/2 tablespoon.  lime juice 1/2 cup full-fat plain yogurt 2 tablespoons. double cream 1cup. blueberries 4. Lollipop Moulds Let's get … Continue reading Easy 4th of July Desserts

Beer Bread (Inspired by South Africa)

The taste of freshly made bread is warm and satisfying, however making your own bread requires a lot of patience and effort, which prevents most people from attempting this task. Beer Bread eliminates the hassel of kneading and reduces your prep/cook time by more than 1 hour. Amazing right? Serving: 4-6 people Prep Time: 5mins … Continue reading Beer Bread (Inspired by South Africa)