10 Tools You Need to Start Baking this year

Most people start the New Year with setting goals and making resolutions. So if baking is one of your goals for 2018, then this post is for you :).

Buying equipments can be expensive so, I have tried to provide links for good, but reasonably priced beginner baking tools. You may also decide to buy your baking tools one at a time, as some are important than others. For example, the pastry blender is mainly used for making pies, whilst the weighing scale will always be needed to measure ingredients.

Important thing to note

a) These tools won’t necessarily make you more skilled at baking, however, they will make the whole process of beginner baking much easier.

b) Other advantages of these baking essentials:

  • Stress – free: A stand mixer would minimise the arm strain you could get when mixing manually.
  • Consistency: Measuring cups and spoons minimise the risk for error thus, your baked goods will turn out great every time


Mixers make the baking process easier particularly when making things like buttercream icing or meringue.

Hand Mixer – Tesco Hand Mixer – White

Hand Mixer

If you would like to buy a mixer, I’ll advise that you start with a hand mixer as it isn’t as expensive as a stand mixer. I currently use the Tesco branded one and it does a very good job.

Stand mixerKenwood Classic Chef KM330


The ultimate mixer for anyone who bakes is, of course, a stand mixer. It eliminates the use of your arm and the need to exert your energy. I currently use the Kenwood Classic stand mixer which I got as a wedding present. This mixer is very good and it comes with a smoothie blender. The best reasonably priced stand mixer I havetried is the Bosch MUM4807GB Kitchen Food Mixer. You can get it for £70 at John Lewis.

2. Cake Tins – John Lewis and Lakeland

There are different types and sizes of pan. Here are the ones I currently own 12 count muffin pan John Lewis, 9.5 pie plate, 8-inch square pans Tala, 8×4 inch loaf pan, 1 Wilton 15cm layer cake pan and different sizes of round cake pan



The sifter is useful for sifting dry ingredients like flour, sugar and cocoa powder.


The art of baking requires precision hence, measurement is extremely essential. You absolutely must have measuring cups, measuring jug, spoons and weighing scale. These are relatively inexpensive and may be available at your local £1/$1 store.

  • Measuring cups (John Lewis) – for dry ingredients.
  • Measuring jugs (Amazon)- for measuring wet ingredients
  • Weighing scale (Heston Blumenthal Precision Scale)this can be used to measure pretty much anything.
  • Measuring spoon (Tala) – Used to measure both dry and wet ingredients.

Important: Make sure you get a whole set of cups and spoons. For example, it is difficult to measure ¼ with a regular teaspoon. Most set of spoons come in 1tbsp, ½ tbsp, 1tsp, ¼tsp and ½ tsp.


6. SPATULA Poundland


The spatula is used to fold delicate ingredients or to stir things gently by hand. It is most especially useful to scrape bowls, so every last drop of batter ends up in the pan.

I’ll recommend that you get them in a variety of sizes


Mixing bowls comes in different sizes and styles mainly because many recipes require you to mix dry and wet ingredients separately.

8. MatsAmazon

baking mat

This is a great alternative to greasing the pan the bottom of the cookies are always evenly baked. The mat comes in different sizes but you can start off with the half sheet sizes.


Cooling Rack

Cooling racks allows air circulation thus, baked goods cool evenly. This is particularly important for cakes because their bottoms’ cooling rate is very slow because no air is getting to that bottom portion of the pan.

Stackable cooling racks are also available and can be folded down for easy storage.


Pastry Blender

This is used to break up cold butter and distribute fat without melting it, which is very important in getting a flaky pie dough (see Pie Crust – A beginner step by step guide). Also, the pastry blender makes biscuits, scones

I honestly this post helps budding beginner bakers to get started. Please leave comment below if, there are specific things you want me to cover. This is part of my called ‘Beginner 101’ series.

Please note: this is not an AD or an affiliate post as such, I have focused mainly on the baking tools, I have used for most of the recipes on this blog.


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