Red Velvet Cake for Beginners

I'm back with another beginners recipe #mobakeseasycake with everyone's favourite cake 'Red Velvet Cake'. Honestly, if I conduct a survey on peoples favourite cake, I'm sure that the Red Velvet will come up as a favourite (at least top 3). This recipe (with minimum decoration) gives you a step by step guide on how to … Continue reading Red Velvet Cake for Beginners

Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait

Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians. Trust you are all enjoying this beautiful  day. Concluding with my ode to Nigeria (see previous post: Nigeria Puff Puff ) with a dessert I am calling Ogi Parfait (O'Parfait for short) Ogi (Pap) is a Nigerian breakfast cereal which is made from corn. While Parfait (means 'Perfect' in French) … Continue reading Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait