Vanilla Panna cotta - 1

Vanilla Panna Cotta

I've decided to start this blog with the first dessert I tried making - The Italian panna cotta which means 'cooked cream'. I made my first panna cotta out of boredom whilst I was at University and I have been able to develop a recipe which works perfectly i.e. having the wobbly effect without melting quickly.  Here you … Continue reading Vanilla Panna Cotta

Beer Bread (Inspired by South Africa)

The taste of freshly made bread is warm and satisfying, however making your own bread requires a lot of patience and effort, which prevents most people from attempting this task. Beer Bread eliminates the hassel of kneading and reduces your prep/cook time by more than 1 hour. Amazing right? Serving: 4-6 people│Prep Time: 5mins│Cook Time: … Continue reading Beer Bread (Inspired by South Africa)