Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait

Happy Independence day to my fellow Nigerians. Trust you are all enjoying this beautiful  day. Concluding with my ode to Nigeria (see previous post: Nigeria Puff Puff ) with a dessert I am calling Ogi Parfait (O'Parfait for short) Ogi (Pap) is a Nigerian breakfast cereal which is made from corn. While Parfait (means 'Perfect' in French) … Continue reading Ogi Parfait aka O’Parfait

Quick and Easy Puff Puff

Hello and Goodbye September, If you have been following on Instagram, you will know that I have been busy with some professional exams for my job. Hence why I was MIA through out this month. I passed my exam last Thursday, in time for the 57th Nigerian Independence celebration. Reminiscing about my childhood in Lagos, … Continue reading Quick and Easy Puff Puff


Zobo is a drink popular to Northern Nigerian. It is also common to other Africa countries and the Caribbean (called Jus de bissap in French speaking West African countries, Rossell in Australia, Sorrel in the Caribbean and Flor de Jamaica in Mexico The hibiscus flowers (main ingredient) has several health benefits such as promoting kidney … Continue reading Zobo